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How We Support Scotland's Health

Often working behind the scenes, we make a difference to people across the country. Our Health Support group works with NHS Boards to help them deliver the best possible front-line services. Through our Business Support group, we provide expert advice and co-ordination to other Boards to help them manage their business in as efficient a way as possible.

Health support

Our services touch almost every area of healthcare and impact on the health of people across the country.

Without our national blood transfusion service, the NHS would be unable to function ó the blood, tissue and bone products we collect are used throughout the NHS.

We provide expert advice to help the NHS provide the highest quality healthcare environment and equipment. We develop and monitor professional and technical standards in areas as diverse as decontamination, construction, equipment and domestic monitoring.

On a daily basis we monitor hazards and exposures affecting people's health and provide guidance on tackling healthcare associated infections. We co-ordinate health protection activity across Scotland and provide advice for travellers to the far reaches of the globe.

Our investment in specialist services enables people to get national access to treatment for rare conditions which couldn't be delivered as effectively at a local level. We co-ordinate screening programmes which help Boards identify people with cancer and other life-threatening conditions, helping save lives every day.

Finally, the data and analysis provided by our statisticians underpins not only the accountability and future planning of the NHS, but day-to-day decision-making.

Business Support

We use the combined buying power of NHSScotland to get the best deals on goods, services and technology. We also make sure that everyone is playing by the rules, so that NHS Boards' resources are not drained by fraud. This means more money can be spent on direct patient care.

By helping the NHS to be more efficient, we free up the valuable time of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals so that they have more time to care for patients.

We put life-saving information at the fingertips of those that need it by working behind the scenes to join up patient information.

We also help patients get care from GPs, dentists, opticians and pharmacists in many ways. These include paying for their treatment, helping them find their local practitioner and transferring their records.

By organising events and meetings and running a library information service, we support learning and networking across NHSScotland.

We also provide expert legal advice to Health Boards, guiding them through different aspects of the law.

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