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Privacy Advisory Committee

Important News

From 1st May 2015, arrangements for scrutiny of applications to use NHS originated data will be changing. Community Health Index Advisory Group (CHIAG), NHS National Services Scotland Privacy Advisory Committee (PAC), and National Caldicott Guardians application processes will be merged. A single application and scrutiny process will be operated across Scotland by a newly formed Public Benefit and Privacy Panel for Health and Social Care. For more information see ‘Notification of changes to scrutiny and application process’ which should link to the attached document which should be in pdf format.

As part of our work, we support the independent NSS Privacy Advisory Committee which provides advice on requests for the release of patient identifiable information.

The NSS Privacy Advisory Committee (PAC) is an advisory committee to the Board of NHS National Services Scotland (NSS) and to the Registrar General. The committee was originally set up as an independent body in 1990 to provide advice on requests for the release of patient identifiable information by the Information Services Division (ISD), part of NHS NSS, or by the General Register Office for Scotland (GROS) now part of the National Records of Scotland (NRS).

The committee meets twice a year and has a majority non-medical / NHS membership. At these meetings PAC members review recent applications and discuss matters of precedent and principle. Between meetings, routine work of the committee is by mail or email. PAC advises ISD and GROS on the correct balance between protecting personal data and making data available for research, audit and other important uses and ensures that any information releases are carefully controlled.

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