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Volunteering - NHS National Services Scotland

There is much to celebrate about volunteering in Scotland's NHS.

Did you know that NSS is assisted by more than 800 volunteers across the organisation? Throughout the year, they help the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) and National Services Division (NSD) to carry out valuable work to help support Scotland’s health. At SNBTS, they perform such roles as publicising and organising donor sessions and keeping the tea flowing for our donors. NSD involves its volunteers in service reviews to help determine how the services we commission are impacting people. To help us improve the volunteer experience, we are working towards meeting the Investing in Volunteers standard. This will help us to be consistent in our recruitment processes for volunteers and provide them with a Refreshed Strategy for Volunteering in NHSScotland.

If you are interested in volunteering with us read the volunteers profiles of someone who already helps us support Scotland's health or use our online application form to make contact us .

What does it mean for NHS volunteers?

The Scottish Government launched a Refreshed Strategy for Volunteering in the NHS [PDF 207 KB] (opens in new window) in February 2008. Volunteering is an important aspect of Scottish life. It is an established and well regarded part of Scotland’s NHS and in some instances it has become woven into the very fabric of improving health and wellbeing and delivering care.

There is no doubt volunteering in the Scottish Health Service is a Scottish success story! Keeping it a success story is important to all of us.

So what does the Refreshed Strategy mean for you as a volunteer within the NHS in Scotland?

The Refreshed Strategy seeks to:

  • Improve the quality and consistency of volunteering – every NHS Board in Scotland is working towards achieving or has achieved Investing in Volunteers
  • Create a higher profile for volunteering–every NHS Board has a senior manager who is the Nominated Lead for Volunteering. It is their job to ensure the Board meets the requirements of the Refreshed Strategy.
  • Develop better planning for volunteering–every NHS Board has to develop its local yearly action plan on volunteering and involve key stakeholders in the plans development.

What can NHS volunteers do to help make the Refreshed Strategy a success?

  • Spread the word about volunteering in the NHS tell your volunteering story to others. It might inspire them to consider volunteering in the NHS too;
  • Let senior NHS managers know about your volunteering and how it benefits patients/service users; their families and carers; NHS staff and yourself; and
  • Tell NHS staff when things need to improve with your volunteering but also tell them when things are going well.

Volunteer Handbook

Read all about volunteering in the NHS in our Volunteer Handbook.

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