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Counter Fraud Services

CFS is committed to maximising health impact and savings by delivering specialist anti-fraud solutions. We will use all our resources to achieve reductions in losses to fraud and corruption, and demonstrate to staff, contractors and the public the need to adopt a zero tolerance to fraud and to understand the need to protect the resources of the Service.

Our role is to protect Scotland's health from the impact of fraud. We want to make sure that the patients receive the treatment and service that they expect and deserve.

In fulfilling these commitments we are working in partnership with Health Boards, professional associations and trade unions across the health service to meet the following commitments:

  • Reduce fraud to an absolute minimum
  • Free up resources for allocation to patient care
  • Maximise the public's confidence in the professions providing their care

We work in the following areas:

  • Communications raising awareness about NHS fraud among staff and the public to maximise deterrence
  • Investigation investigating allegations of fraud on behalf of NHS Boards and undertaking pro-active deterrence exercises
  • Patient Claims checking to ensure that exemption claims have not been made in error or fraudulently

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CFS is part of our Practitioner and Counter Fraud Services Strategic Business Unit.


Contact Information

David Knowles, Director of Practitioner and Counter Fraud Services

0131 275 6462

Media Contact:
Stephen Frier, Communications Manager

01506 705240

Complaints Contact:
Craig McKinlay, National Counter Fraud Manager

01506 705200

Location Map

3 Bain Square
West Lothian
EH54 7DQ

T: 01506 705200 (general enquiries); 08000 151628 (fraud hotline)

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