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Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service

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Meeting the transfusion needs of patients in Scotland

We are the specialist provider of transfusion medicine in Scotland, supplying high quality blood, tissues, products and services across the country. With Transfusion centres in Inverness, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow, SNBTS work with communities, hospitals and professionals to ensure that the donor's gift is used wisely and effectively for the benefit of patients.

However, SNBTS is about more than just blood., We also collect and provide a range of products and services that are just as vital, such as, heart valves, tendons and bones for use in cardiac and orthopaedic surgery together with blood stem cells to support Bone Marrow Transplant Units throughout Scotland. Organ transplantation is also supported through our network of laboratories that perform tissue typing and other matching tests to ensure that patients have the best chance of a fully matched transplant.

We undertake ground breaking scientific research in key areas related to blood component quality, safety and supply, to ensure that patients get access to new and improved products, technologies and therapies.

Blood transfusion and tissue donation are all about people helping others. Our dedicated, loyal donors donate their blood and tissues for the benefit of patients, helping to save lives on a daily basis.

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SNBTS makes up our Blood, Tissues and Cells Strategic Business Unit.


Contact Information

Clinical Contact:
Prof Marc Turner, Medical Director

0131 314 5587

Mary Morgan, Director of Blood, Tissues and Cells

0131 314 5512

Media Contact:
Lynne Kidd, Head of Public Affairs

0141 357 7752
07775 818466

Complaints Contact:
Margaret Dunleavy, Senior Public Affairs Officer

0141 357 7715

Location Map

21 Ellen's Glen Road
EH17 7QT

T: 0131 536 5700

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