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NHS Christmas deliveries highest ever

National Distribution Centre

23 January 2012

Despite winter weather, deliveries of vital supplies to hospitals across Scotland have reached an all-time high, with 100,000 products shipped, worth over £3 million, in the week before Christmas.

Based at the National Distribution Centre in Lanarkshire, the National Procurement fleet worked around the clock in all weathers to ensure that supplies of everything from syringes to surgical gowns could get through to support patient care.

Colin Sinclair, National Procurement Director said: "At National Procurement, we save NHSScotland time and money, which means they can focus on treating patients.As last year's National Audit Office report pointed out, central buying and delivery of supplies can save the NHS and the taxpayer hundreds of million of pounds.

"This Christmas our delivery performance was very positive achieving all deliveries to plan. This was only possible due to close collaboration and communication with health board colleagues.

"Since we were set up in 2006, we have secured savings of over £200 million for NHS Scotland. This is money which can then be reinvested in the front line - treating patients.

Facts about National Procurement
In 2010-11, National Procurement:
* delivered 4.2 million order lines across Scotland
* secured £31 million of savings for NHSScotland overall
* secured £7.9 million of savings on the NHSS Acute drugs bill through central contracts

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